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To act stupid and drunk when actually stone cold sober because one is so very painfully bored. This usually occurs in dead end office job situations.
i totally made a cock out of Blu Tack and put on my bosses desk today, i was sooo fucking bunk
by Leif Battles November 16, 2010
The flap of extra skin between the underside of the base of the male genitalia (penis) and the scrotum. The most awkard and inconvenient place to have an itch.
God my bunk itches like shit. I gots to move my whole package just to get a good scratch
by Dryhumps McGee September 23, 2010
something or someone that isnt good..
someone not being good.. someone not popular or something man your bunk.. nah man hes bunk..

shitty weed.. that bunk weed..
by Karenn.. February 13, 2008
An adjective describing the stupidity or unapproval of a person/activity... or anything in general
Yo, why weren't you out bowling last night?
What? ...Nah man, that shit's bunk
by Kottage December 14, 2007
a word to desribe something shitty
"man this class is bunk"
by Jaboc October 26, 2007
a large woman's behind, large enough to sit your beverage on it like a shelf
"Excuse me, may i rest my cup on your bunk?"
by 52YM@N0W5K1 August 18, 2007
In da bean if you selling bunk your weed is garbage
"Put that stink shit out that's that bunk."
by Peachez June 09, 2004