Dissatisfying; Not up to par.
While renting a movie: 'The selection here is bunk'


While at a party: 'This crowd is so bunk'
by MoxyAnna June 01, 2005
A girl that is less than decent
"dude, that girl is bunk"
by DRP February 26, 2004
something that tastes, looks, or feels like shit.
Damn, this chicken is bunk.
by Anonymous April 23, 2003
cheap marijuana
that was some funkety bunk
by jim March 03, 2003
Someone who sleeps all the time. Example: sleeping in, taking lots of naps, falling asleep in class or at work, etc..
"Get up, ya bunk!"
"Dude, you sleep like all day long. You're such a bunk."
"My girlfriend is being a bunk lately."
by TravBob January 27, 2013
something really shitty
or someone really irritating
"that is the ULTRA BUNKS"
"you are THE bunks"
by retardremington April 14, 2011
A verb used for skipping (not attending) a class.
I bunked my math class this morning.
by copster October 01, 2007

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