1 not good; crappy

2 Commonly used as a substitute in the name of something that you don't like.
1 That new Jonny Deep flick ("Charlie and the Pussy Factory") is bunk, but that cat sure does have the AP.

2 Starbunks, Raisen Bunk, the bunkyard, George Clinton and the Bunkadelics,
by the_guy January 21, 2005
(Verb) (To do a) bunk - run away, flee, escape before you are caught doing something naughty
"John, the taxman is after us, what should we do?"

"Let's do a bunk before they find out how much we really owe"
by CyberMunchy September 21, 2006
something that tastes, looks, or feels like shit.
Damn, this chicken is bunk.
by Anonymous April 23, 2003
cheap marijuana
that was some funkety bunk
by jim March 03, 2003
A decently attractive girl who is the most rude person you'll ever meet.
Tyqueesha gave me the finger, she is such a bunk.
by ADizzle10 June 18, 2014
Someone who sleeps all the time. Example: sleeping in, taking lots of naps, falling asleep in class or at work, etc..
"Get up, ya bunk!"
"Dude, you sleep like all day long. You're such a bunk."
"My girlfriend is being a bunk lately."
by TravBob January 27, 2013
SLANG; Fake, copied, 'bit', 'bitten', 'fake-ass'

Used a lot in California (bay area).
"that bitch is bunk."
"they bit that from someone else. that's bunk!"
"that mother fucker is bunk!"
"that's bunk!"
by NorCal Rob December 11, 2012

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