describing something as gay, crappy, shitty, disappointing, and lame.
Man, those refs at the game last night were bunk.
by lynaar November 19, 2007
Dissatisfying; Not up to par.
While renting a movie: 'The selection here is bunk'


While at a party: 'This crowd is so bunk'
by MoxyAnna June 01, 2005
something that tastes, looks, or feels like shit.
Damn, this chicken is bunk.
by Anonymous April 23, 2003
cheap marijuana
that was some funkety bunk
by jim March 03, 2003
A girl that is very ugly/grimy and you would not want to hook-up with her; something disgusting.
"Dammm sucka dat bitch is bunk."
"Bitches be bunk, lets get out of this place."
by 420nugberrieskush February 14, 2012
something really shitty
or someone really irritating
"that is the ULTRA BUNKS"
"you are THE bunks"
by retardremington April 14, 2011
(Verb) (To do a) bunk - run away, flee, escape before you are caught doing something naughty
"John, the taxman is after us, what should we do?"

"Let's do a bunk before they find out how much we really owe"
by CyberMunchy September 21, 2006

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