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A verb used for skipping (not attending) a class.
I bunked my math class this morning.
by copster October 01, 2007
A girl that is less than decent
"dude, that girl is bunk"
by DRP February 26, 2004
something that tastes, looks, or feels like shit.
Damn, this chicken is bunk.
by Anonymous April 23, 2003
cheap marijuana
that was some funkety bunk
by jim March 03, 2003
SLANG; Fake, copied, 'bit', 'bitten', 'fake-ass'

Used a lot in California (bay area).
"that bitch is bunk."
"they bit that from someone else. that's bunk!"
"that mother fucker is bunk!"
"that's bunk!"
by NorCal Rob December 11, 2012
To act stupid and drunk when actually stone cold sober because one is so very painfully bored. This usually occurs in dead end office job situations.
i totally made a cock out of Blu Tack and put on my bosses desk today, i was sooo fucking bunk
by Leif Battles November 16, 2010
Verb- Slang synonym meaning to flick, nudge, bump, or tap
I was saving my long cigar ash to bunk into Matt's ashtray.

I bunked the crumbs off my toast so I wouldn't get them all over the floor.

by ssman March 16, 2009