wicked ugly girl; homely looking
Man....that girl is BUNK!
by CLAM CHICK February 07, 2005
THIS iz the ritE meaNin..
BUNk meanz 2 not go 2 skool.
2 skive.
ey,im gona bunk skool 2mora.
by Red-Eye December 16, 2004
1 .An expression of awesomeness.

2. A sarcastic remark referring to how much you suck at wii golf.

3. Also referring to bunk beds.
Alex: "Nice Bunks"
Ben: "Thanks... Douchebag "
by Kommander Khaos January 13, 2007
close friend or buddy, also bunky
What would I do without you, bunk.
by Jim King December 18, 2004
A thick, viscious form of cum.
After a night on the town, it was evident that Cindy had a buildup of bunk on her kilt.
by JoeShabiddoo April 17, 2005
An air of coolness found only in those few cool cats who believe in intelligence and art.
"You see that kiddie walking down the hall?"
"Yeah, what about him?"
"That boy is bunk."
"Tell me about it. Check out the kicks."
by skiknee August 31, 2006
Someone who is tight with their money. Negative person not fun to be around. Doesn't like to party and have a good time.
Why dont you buy a round of beers bunk i will buy the next one. Then he heads out the door and goes home.
by John Doe1 July 14, 2010

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