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It's what's on your finger when you stick it in your butt crack and rub really hard near your butthole.
After a long butt scratching session, I like to smell the bunk on my fingers, then rub it on my boyfriends face. He eats it up!
by Turdy McBunkerson April 15, 2006
really stupid and lame and dumb and dissapointing and loserish and annoying and stupid and crappy and shitty and horseshitty and stupid and lame.
sounds even better when you say it with hecka
Aw man, thats hecka bunk.

Yo dawg, that chick was like, B-zunk!

Dude, right now im going to use a synonym for stupid lame dumb loserish and stupid.....buNk!
by Michael June 02, 2004
1) - To sleep with or have sex with another

2) - Bad or fake weed which won't get you high and is likely homemade out of Basil or Oregano leaves to give the falsetto appearance of the real thing

3) - Stupid, whack
1) - She asked me to bunk with her tonight

2) - That shit Andre sold me was bunk, I'm about to cap his ass

3) - She gave you a fake phone number? That's bunk!
by ACG2x January 06, 2004
bull crap; bullshit; stuff that is not true, streches the truth, or is just a down right lie.
Man that junk is bunk.
by bread infection December 09, 2009
Used mainly in the south of England (the better part), in particular London to describe the act of skipping lessons at school. The north of England say skive (also spelt skyve).
Hey John, wana bunk maths?
Yea, who cares that my mum can get fined £4000 for it, or get put in prison, I mean, that's how much it costs for my bus fare. Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
by Helloooooo2ooo August 20, 2008
The worst alcohol you can possibly find, almost undrinkable. Most often some type of vodka, usually Skol.
"Dude I just took three shots of the bunkest shit ever."
"oh, skol?"
by The Bunk August 19, 2006
Incredibly cuddly and nice to sleep with/on. Like Bunk Beds.
Kate was so bunk I had to sleep under her all night.
by Jack Lowenstein May 11, 2006