is early 20th century (private?)schoolboy English slang to skip out, to be truant. So by definition: to lie. To mislead.
Comer and Fellows bunked today, we had to cover for them in PolySci.
by mysterygirl April 30, 2003
To be buzzed and drunk at the same time (having a dip in well drinking beer.
Yo man were gunna get bunk this friday...aww yee I got some apple and bud
by peff jym June 23, 2010
A Rhode Island term usually meaning to cut, or skip a certain class. Related to the term "National Bunk Day" which means to skip school for a whole day. But bunk itself usually refers to one class.
Guy-Hey are you goin' to Spanish class next period?
Girl-Nope im going to burger king.
Guy- Oh your bunking? Cool. Can you get me something from the dollar menu?
by Kwise April 15, 2010
bull crap; bullshit; stuff that is not true, streches the truth, or is just a down right lie.
Man that junk is bunk.
by bread infection December 09, 2009
Used mainly in the south of England (the better part), in particular London to describe the act of skipping lessons at school. The north of England say skive (also spelt skyve).
Hey John, wana bunk maths?
Yea, who cares that my mum can get fined £4000 for it, or get put in prison, I mean, that's how much it costs for my bus fare. Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
by Helloooooo2ooo August 20, 2008
1) Anything involving the combination of Band and Chunk.

2) The only thing that exsists in a constant state of "Bringing It Up", no matter the situation.
"It's Bonnaroo vs. Bunk, that's all that's happening here"

"There's only one thing that's constantly moving forward making things happen here, and that would be Bunk"

"What just happened? Bunk just carried SCI outta here on its back, thats what happened"
by B. Delia February 21, 2008
The worst alcohol you can possibly find, almost undrinkable. Most often some type of vodka, usually Skol.
"Dude I just took three shots of the bunkest shit ever."
"oh, skol?"
by The Bunk August 19, 2006
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