To receive a blowjob whilst you are on the toilet, taking a shit.
that filthy bitch just gave me a bungle.
by AndyLeeds February 03, 2009
From the latin Bungleous Chivalrus. The bungle is a marsupial found in moderate climates usually near forrests. Has a short spotty coat and large sensitive ears. See also (Chival)
The bungle craves green things.
by Chival Veroux February 23, 2005
Bear type thing off the kids tv programme RAINBOW.
friends with zippy and george
by Paperdoll-with-funky-socks March 26, 2004
A square shaped coke snorting Bitch
German mondo bondage participant who engages in Lesbo intercorse and does lines to the tune "White Lines"
by Base August 30, 2003
The Cincinatti Bengals, to a Steelers fan
Them Bungles really are stinkin up Paul Brown Stadium.
by mrf January 04, 2006
to feel the cold
"It's a bit bungle out"

Bungle & Zippy (as in bungle of Rainbow fame) = a bit nippy

Nippy = cold
by amber November 26, 2003
Chunks that are only found inside a white womans vagina
Man she had bungles coming out of her cootch
by MyK Pat Tun July 29, 2003

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