extream rough sex that often occurs between woodland creatures like ruchoons. also a jethro tull song
me and morgan bungled in the jungle
by paul42 May 04, 2007
1. a character on the kids tv programme rainbow.
2. friends with zippy and george.
3. a ball of fluff with eyes, a nose and a mouth.
becky: hey did u catch rainbow last night?
tom: yeah did you see bungle?
becky: yeah he is like a ball of fluff with eyes, a nose and a mouth.
tom: totally.
by soph238 November 03, 2006
adjective for a well ugly girl. As in nature bungled making her.
"that girl is bungle."

"I would have hit it but she was bungle."
by ferosz November 13, 2009
bungle is another term for bullshit, rubbish etc
girlfriend- "i have never done anal before"

boyfriend- "bungle"
by jeffreeez June 09, 2012
noun. To tickle the area formally known as the gooch.
He bungled his roommate several times that night, none of which he was aware of.
by Mr. 210 January 06, 2007
To mess ones hair and make them cringe.
Georgetta bungled Frank and he was furious.
by Robyn Harrison April 29, 2005
When a person buys a clothing item and puts it on directly after buying the item.
Dayum, homegirl just bungled that shit.
by Shawapolpolpy. May 10, 2009
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