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A bizarre sex act involving bungee cords, ropes, heights, condoms (or not) and two (usually consenting) individuals.

How the act is preformed may vary, but a common practice is to bind the individuals together in an awkward position and make them bungee job together. After the initial fall, they may be able to preform otherwise impossible feats, such as having sex that feels like flying to both people at the same time (sex swings only give that sensation to one person). And swinging back and forth for ultimate thrust.
Joan looked at Steve seductively, for they had enacted all other sexual acts they could think of, quietly she whispered "Time for some Bungee Bondage"

Steve was fearful for a moment, but suddenly he knew he had to try it, his motto in the bedroom was "Never say no".
by dardarla May 29, 2010
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