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Slang for the male reproductive organs.
The man crashed to the floor when he was forcefully kneed in the bungalows.
by pinkyboy April 13, 2008
1 7
a homeless person who lives in a tree.
A bungalow jumped out of the tree and into my arms.
by Sherry & Tiara November 22, 2003
25 31
Refers to an over-priced, yet small piecoe of real estate generally in a very desirable location. also can mean having been taken advantage of in some way.
I need T.P. for my bungalow.... or... I feel like I paid too much for those concert tickets. I hope I didn't just get it up the bungalow.
by K. Ellwanger September 10, 2007
1 8
a very stupid or disfunctional person. It means they have nothing 'up top'(brain). The house, bungalow, only has one floor so it has nothing 'up top' either.Can also mean retarded.
Sam: 2+2=5
Jack: It =4 you bungalow!

Harry: (spastically) c-c-c-c-c-oul-ld y-y-y-ou m-move uh uh out of-f-f-f m-my w-way p-p-please?
Fred: (to Edward)see what i mean? He's a right bungalow.
Edward: Tell me about it.
by Jack Lowe August 10, 2006
9 18
I don't remember how I came up with this but the first time I can think of me saying it was at Evergreen State College. It basically means weed, chronic, bud, dank, whatever. It can be a bowl, blunt, spliff, whatever. "Bungalow" is the actual weed, but if you say "a bungalow" its refering to the spliff, blunt, loaded peezo etc. that your going to smoke.
"Yo, whats up on a bungalow dude?"

"Let's take a break in the bungalow"
by sssshhhhhh January 23, 2007
1 31