a homeless person who lives in a tree.
A bungalow jumped out of the tree and into my arms.
by Sherry & Tiara November 22, 2003
Slang for the male reproductive organs.
The man crashed to the floor when he was forcefully kneed in the bungalows.
by pinkyboy April 13, 2008
Refers to an over-priced, yet small piecoe of real estate generally in a very desirable location. also can mean having been taken advantage of in some way.
I need T.P. for my bungalow.... or... I feel like I paid too much for those concert tickets. I hope I didn't just get it up the bungalow.
by K. Ellwanger September 10, 2007
a very stupid or disfunctional person. It means they have nothing 'up top'(brain). The house, bungalow, only has one floor so it has nothing 'up top' either.Can also mean retarded.
Sam: 2+2=5
Jack: It =4 you bungalow!

Harry: (spastically) c-c-c-c-c-oul-ld y-y-y-ou m-move uh uh out of-f-f-f m-my w-way p-p-please?
Fred: (to Edward)see what i mean? He's a right bungalow.
Edward: Tell me about it.
by Jack Lowe August 10, 2006
I don't remember how I came up with this but the first time I can think of me saying it was at Evergreen State College. It basically means weed, chronic, bud, dank, whatever. It can be a bowl, blunt, spliff, whatever. "Bungalow" is the actual weed, but if you say "a bungalow" its refering to the spliff, blunt, loaded peezo etc. that your going to smoke.
"Yo, whats up on a bungalow dude?"

"Let's take a break in the bungalow"
by sssshhhhhh January 23, 2007

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