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The moistening of a finger, by way of mouth, to be inserted into the anal cavity of your activity partner.
After the BUNGALOW i couldnt shit right for a week.
During the BUNGALOW i pooed a little.
by Mick Bastard August 15, 2009
a derivation of the Indian house type, popular during the first quarter of the 20th century, usually having one and a half stories, a widely bracketed gable roof, and a multi-windowed dormer and frequently built of rustic materials.

Eddie: Women dont respond to erotic images they respond to erotic words like....butterscotch, whisp...umm

Sean: ok let me try...uhhh lepracy (Knock on door, Sean rises to get door)

Eddie: yes now you've got the idea

Sean: ya like Bungalow, goat cheese(opens door)...Sister Helen

(scene from Grounded for life)
by Ross The Great May 06, 2007
A person who, much like the one level property that is their namesake, has nothing upstairs.
Bunny: "George has even managed to spell his own name incorrectly, what a Bungalow"
by Bunny Phluff March 13, 2008
Back in the days of the Roman Empire, all the rich people used alot of the bricks which were hard to come by, so other layman-type folk had to do with the remaining blocks, this led a load of poor folk to only be able to afford enough bricks for one floor, so they decided to.....

Bung-a-low roof on it!
Mia: We can't afford to buy many bricks, what can we do?

Syko: I'm afraid it looks like we will have to bung-a-low roof on 'er and call er a bungalow.
by Syko and Mia December 27, 2009
A small little house in the jungle "bungalow in the jungalow" or in someones backyard where teenagers go to smoke weed without their parents around
"let's go over to mikulas bungalow and smoke up this 10er"

"ayy you up for some bongin in da bungers?"
by HonzaMikula1111 November 29, 2008
a cheap hotel room most likely used to have sex in.
"Just got into town
bout an hour ago,
Take a look around,
see which way the wind blows.
Where them little girls
in thier Hollywood bungalows?"

The Doors- LA Woman
by Rombert March 30, 2005
Slang for the male reproductive organs.
The man crashed to the floor when he was forcefully kneed in the bungalows.
by pinkyboy April 10, 2008

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