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An overactive, small-proportioned homosexual gentleman who will launch at anything in sight.
"That chap in the corner is a proper little bungmonkey. Look at him go!"
by fishbear April 04, 2003

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An individual engaged in anal intercourse, whose facial expressions resemble that of a chimpanzee. Often seen in porn flicks by bad actors and egotistical steroidal junkies who think they are god's gift to sex.
Check out that freakin' bung monkey banging that back door. Someone should shove a banana in those lips!
by Rocksongs September 14, 2007
this is a common insult used by me to signify you are a reject from a moron factory and need to quit being a jackass and get a life
Dustin you are a bung monkey.
by HarleyHorton March 29, 2004