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A creature with four legs and an elongated neck. Also Capable of attaining high speeds while galloping. Similar in appearance to that of a male phallus.
" is obsessed with that penis looking thing, Bunchie."
by FL@ME August 12, 2003
What happens when a llama and a penis crossbreed.
My bunchie sure has a long erect neck.
by Your name August 18, 2003
A green Llama like creature that Chuck Norris rides into the sun every thursday.

Also known as Final Boss of the Internet, WTF Monster, Kelet, and The Grin Raper.

May resemble a dick.
lol its a bunchie
by wtf monster April 09, 2010
A long-necked green llama on crack. Occasionally thought to be a green-dinosaur-type-thing. A bunchie's favorite song is "The One" by Frisky and Hujib, but only the part that goes "Dadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadaddadada" and repeats.
Bunchies are often mistaken for llama type things.
by MpegEVIL April 21, 2011
green jumping pen0s like thing
"Dude, wtf was that jumping green penis?"
by God October 28, 2003
An offencive slang for kelet. Used by kelet haters everywhere.
STFU bunchie
by Orthanc October 30, 2003
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