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A word derived from Jamaican slang and dancehall music -refer to macka diamond and blacka song "bun him"

It means if your boyfriend or girlfriend has cheated on you, you should do the same.
If bf/gf has given you "bun" or you are interested in giving gf/bf "bun" it simply means to cheat on them.

*the right definition*
Girl: Mi caan believe mi man gimme bun wid dat dutty gyal Sandra

Girl 2: My girl nuh cry bout dat but nuh "bun him" bac jus gi him di bakery and dun

- simply meaning don't just cheat on him might as well get pregnant while your at it =D
by real j'can January 26, 2010
The Jamaican vernacular which means "to cheat on your male significant other". (To cheat on your man, boyfriend, husband, fiance etc)
Girl: "He wasn't treating me good, so mi bun him!"
This phrase was made even more popular by the song "Bun Him'" by Jamaican dancehall artistes Macka Diamond and Blacker. The song speaks about a female who complains that her significant other is ill-treating her and cheating on her, to which her friend responds by encouraging her to 'bun him' (cheat on him)
by African_Gem February 21, 2015
Coined by a popular dancehall song of the same name about lighting your boyfriend on fire after he cheats on you or abuses you.
Can be used in any situation to express dislike in a person, place or thing.
Derived from the patois word bun which means to literally light something on fire.
Gyal 1: Mi man be cheatin, weh mi muss do gyal????
Gyal 2: BUN HIM!!!!!!!

Mike: Man.. my mom won't let me go to the jam tonight..
John: Ah fuck that, bun her!!
by Mr.Vincent! April 26, 2006
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