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Half of the legendary UGK, and the newest artist to get 5 mics from the Source for his 3rd album Trill OG.
You heard Trill OG by Bun B? Shit got 5 mics from the Source!
by trillOG August 21, 2010
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one half of UGK (the underground kings) along with Pimp C. recently released an acclaimed solo album featuring some of the biggest names in rap
Cop Bun B's cd trill it's fuckin tight
by the dude 420 March 31, 2006
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One half of one of the best rap duo ever, ugk (underground kingz). He used to rap with (RIP) Pimp C, one of the most dope rappers ever. For you faggots who think Bun B gets no love from Ny, Jay Z would like to correct you. Big pimpin was da shit, so fuck da haters. N from ca, lets not forget my 64 by Mike Jones ft. Who? Snoop Dogg
Man 1: yo u hear dat new bun b shit?

Man 2: yeah, dats da shit my nigga
by Da fat rat wit da cheese July 19, 2009
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bun b is from port arthur texas and so is pimp c
"ti reppin for Ga. im reppin for P.A."
Bun B
by tops drop June 08, 2006
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A sucky ass rapper from Houston. Also known as bubbles or bum b in states as FL, TN, NY,NC, and CA. Houston gets no respect from these states because houston is just a wanna be gangsta area and dont know shit bout da real stuff dat goes down. so houston rappers keep makin ur crappy underground kings music cuz u guys are seriously to shitty for us to bump in our neighborhoodz.
1.Bubbles is a bitch from houston/port arthur, also known as bun b
2.Bum b has no talent and needs to stick to eatin steak and riding cows.fuck bun b
by Lajarvous September 29, 2006
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