To brush up against with the boobs or ta tas and or press them up against something.
dude, if you pay that stripper a few extra bucks, she will bumple your face for ya
by dumpler October 22, 2008
Top Definition
The dimples on the lower back of some people; usually visable on thinner to medium sizes women or men.
Her bumples are so cute; you can see the right above her bathing suit bottoms!
by Whispy July 10, 2008
A little piece of poop. mostly found in the back yard... made from a little dog.. or little cat.
"Watch your step, look out for the bumple."
by pedro February 16, 2005
A slight injury usually resulting in a few tears but no lasting damage. Also, in the past tense, used to describe the action of sliding down stairs on your bottom. fell and got a bumple on your head. Let me kiss it and make it all better.

She sat on my lap and we bumpled down the stairs.
by Little Eva June 19, 2008
When a woman ties her hair in a pony tail and the hair is all lumpy, not looking perfect, the lumps are called bumples.
My hair dresser is hopeless, she tied my hair up and it is full of bumples.
by jomomocomo May 26, 2013
The type of bump you get from sleeping with to many people.
Its that thing that you think is a pimple on your one night stands ass or genital area but its really a gross cross genetic form of herpes or some shit. thats what we call the bumple possibly spreads to other areas quite rapidly.
by itsnotray July 23, 2010
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