Top Definition
The look of a mother's growing belly throughout pregnancy.
Look at her, she's bumpalicious!
by Gettin' it done September 14, 2010
Gal with a chang arse
bumpalicious - gal with a chang arse
by Muffdiver69 August 15, 2009
Ray Cook's face! It is very bumpy but still quite good looking.

Aka... Sexy-acne. Only works on some people.
"Sorry if my face is bumpy, it's just bumpalicious."
by AnnyChrist-Seward October 07, 2008
A Sexy Mr Bump
Josh is Bumpalicious
by Little Hot Bunny April 13, 2010
Insanely tight rap music made by white caucasian men.
Wow George's new song is bumpalicious.
by velde October 02, 2006

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