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Bumholing is the combination of the words Bum and Holing. This is the extreme sport version of Anal or Anilingus sexual intercourse. Known in the past as a casual weekend sport for bum bandits Bumholing has become a modern past time of which the whole family can enjoy.
Dan: "What are you doing this weekend then Bob"

Bob: "Just a bit of bumholing with the missus"
#anal #bum #holing #sex #ass
by Mr Bumhole April 09, 2011
Bum Holing is the art of sucking up to ones boss.
(Worker 1) What was Myles doing talking to Mark?

(Worker 2) Oh he was just Bum Holing him
#sucking up #crawling #licking ass #brown nosing #ass licking
by Carp 666 February 04, 2010
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