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A privately educated male in his early to late 20s. Displays an arrogant and obnoxious attitude, often heard bragging loudly about how much his father earns. A bumfton looks down on state school educated people or would commonly be oblivious to their existence as they, in their eyes, are not even worthy of a gaze. Their natural habitat is South East Asian countries such as Thailand where they spend their gap year drinking on their father's money and being insensitive to local culture and other tourists. They often like to boast about helping poor people of the world, when in reality they spent the night with a child prostitute and then vomiting outside a sacred temple. Despite having the best possible education, spoon fed every mark they receive, the typically bumfton is relatively dense and would not survive if it were not for the job a family member lines up for them the moment they are born.
Bumfton #1: Hey Tarquin have you been to Kho Phi Phi yet?
Bumfton #2: Yah Rupert my dad bought it the other day
Normal person: Fucking bumftons
by Bumfton October 12, 2013
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