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Clart is taken from the West Indian Word for cloth 'claart'. So bumber clart refers to Bum Cloth, as in loo roll, or sanitary towel.
1. Shut it you bumber clart!
2. Or 'Hey Pete, make sure you pick up some Bumber Clart at the Supermarket!'
by CindasJam May 02, 2006
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Adjective; To replace any possible word you wish to disguise. Alot like 'doofar' but used to cover more degradory words up.
Iain; "Have you seen that bird over there?"

Craig; "Yeah, she's got a cracking set on bumberclarts on her!"

Jackie; "Stop looking at my tits you pair of bumberclarts!"
by T666KSH January 08, 2008
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