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to beg or borrow something from someone
Can I bum a ciggy off of you?
I need to bum 5 bucks off of you.
I am going to bum off her couch for a bit.
by candylandjane October 29, 2011
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To Bum Off someone or something is to love it so much that you would have sex with it
You two Bum Off that film
by Teddy Hancock July 10, 2008
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Two men engaging in a wrestling competition with eachother where the goal is to force your adversary into a sexually compromising position and then thrust three times. Varieties include bumoff, bumoff in boxers and naked bumoff.

Often used as a means to settle a dispute between two men, also quite common as a type of initiation in sports such as rugby.
Charlie drew his bumoff with Joe.
by onaboatjizzmypants December 03, 2009
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