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1. A homosexual male.

2. A heterosexual male with a distinctive penchant for anal sex with ladyfolk.

3. A doctor who specializes in anal and bowel conditions and is thus required to frequently rummage around in the rectal cavity of his patients.
"There's this new guy at work who won't stop telling me about all his sexual exploits, in the sickest, most graphic detail imaginable. He's a right Bum Troubler too."


"Man, I haven't shit in 2 weeks. I'm so worried about it that I've booked in to see the Bum Troubler tomorrow."
by Splott-light June 22, 2009
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a knob jockey who likes man juice, a deep shit diver who is skilled in the arts of brown magic
boy george is a proper bum troubler!
by sk3pt1c January 07, 2006
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Someone who gives grief to homeless folk.
I saw a chav beat up a tramp yesterday, he was obviously a total bum troubler
by VeenPA June 23, 2009
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