Taken from the words bum and toucher. A bum toucher can be defined as someone who touches either alot of bums or perhaps one frequently. It can also be used to describe somebody who touches thier bum with other or perhaps their own.
They could also be known as an "ass feeler"- somebody who takes it upon themselves to feel others bums without their concent, which is frankly quite rude.
"Have you been touchin bum?eh eh cheeeky!"
"errgh you big bum toucher"
by bobbin February 23, 2005
Top Definition
Someone who touches bums, with or without permission.
Bob: Steves such a Bum Toucher.
Frank: Yeah, He touched Jarreds bum the other day, he was not happy.
by The O.B.T March 03, 2012
The blue gloves that firefighters and paramedics put on when waking up passed out bums in public places.
I think this guy pissed his pants. Better put on the bum touchers.
by David Laburglier October 19, 2008
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