A clear or slightly cloudy viscous liquid with a unique odour that is secreted from the colon or rectum especially during anal sex.
"Wow we had such great sex last night, I self-lubed and I've been popping out turds greased with bum juice ever since."
by Macro Evolution February 29, 2004
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Bum Juice - 1. A cheap alcoholic drink, Mostly off brand malt liquor. 2. Any form of "street" brewed or distilled alcohol, made by homeless for the homeless. *note stay far from the latter definition, should only be used in small portions.
"Look Jo is so poor all she brought was some bum juice"
by Gayden Peel September 15, 2005
The sweat in an ass crack.
example 1:
I'm sweating so bad, I have to go to the bathroom and wipe off my bum juice.

example 2:
That fatfuck left a bum juice stain on my sofa!
by Bob "Fuckin'" Martin October 13, 2007
A bottle one has urinated in (typically in a moving vehicle), put the cap back on, and thrown out the window to be picked up by a bum that will drink anything he finds on the side of the road.
Hey, look! Bum juice! Awesome, I am soo thirsty.
by Urinator5000 October 24, 2011
A liquid concotion consisting of urine, blood, cum, and trash. Usually found on items of stolen clothing that a homeless man in Philadelphia would try to sell .
"Gregg, I'm pretty sure that's bum juice that's on your six dollar pea coat," Lauren announced.
by thisisawesomeawful November 21, 2010
Someone who lacks in skill or talent.
"Damn that dude can't hit a layup, he's staight up bumjuice."
by Al Vidal January 23, 2009
Juice expelled from the rectum. Available in a variety of colours and textures.
"Sarah, if you don't shut up I'm going to go into your room and squirt my bumjuice all over your pillows."
by Erica Munter February 28, 2007
The beer at the bottom of the bottle. It can also have cigarettes and ashes in it to make it even worce.
I grabbed the wrong bottle and got a mouth full of bum juice.
by Michael A Goodrich December 01, 2006

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