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Slang reference to the anal condition of piles, more commonly piles induced by vegetable-bum-sex
Ooh my bum grapes are on fire!
by Tom May 02, 2003
Bumgrapes are another word for Haemorrhoids
Marc had strange haemorrhoids like dumplings hanging from his frequently visited asshole
by Matt Whalley November 14, 2003
Another word to add to the colection of Weebl and Bob wierd words. Others include Bum Clouds Bum Hats among others.
Oh Bum Grapes!
by SkuM001 February 02, 2004
While squeezing out a hot fresh cinnimon roll, you descover a rather large hemeroid has jumped ship and a visit to the local GP is in order.
Honey!!! fetch some towels my bum grape is paying me another visit!!!
by JP Jeremy August 11, 2008
bumgrapes, interj. Used to express annoyance or anger.
My planet is falling around my head! Bumgrapes!
by Grant0 April 14, 2004
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