a person who is both a bum and a dick, a dirty, rotten smelling, disgusting person.
Wallkill Ruby Tuesday's General Manager: Fred.
in a sentence.. Fred is a bumdick and member of The Bum Dick Click
by SUUU WOOOOP May 16, 2010
Top Definition
Black and blistered hot dogs resembling and infected bum penis. Typically cooked over an open fire while camping and enjoyed with an ice cold coors light.
Hey man, I could really go for a solid bum dick tonight.
by Mugalation February 19, 2011
An extremely lazy and unproductive person; a penis that has lost its ability to become erect
Hey Doc, get off the couch and quit being such a bum dick today, we have a lot of work to do.
I took a girl home from the bar last night but nothing happened because I had a severe case of bum dick.
by abo44 December 14, 2011
Someone who preys on drunk girls and shits in your toilet without flushing. Also, even if there is deodourant there they refuse to use it. The never wash their hands and cook disgusting meals. They often have overly loud voices and are obnoxious.
Andrew is a bumdick. He took a shit on this girls floor because she refused to have sex with him.
by nothingbutthetruth February 02, 2007
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