A man who gets plesure out of having another mans grnitals in his ass. Often they deny this and try to over compensate but saying how much they are in love with girls. They ofen watch gay porn and shave there heads. They will never have had a relationship with a girl and are to scared to come out the closet.
John- "dude u checking that girl out"
Ben- "oh ye.. ye that what i was doing"
John- "oh no you were checking out her boyfriend"
Ben- "no i wasnt"
John- "its ok ben we all except you for being gay"
Ben- "really great"

Sam- "whats up with him"
John- "hes a homosexual bumboy"
Sam- "fair doz"
by -.- the maths crew -.- March 10, 2010
a boy who is a bum. who lives on the street and lacks parental care or a home
in Brazil, bumboys are a serious problem.
by some guy from holland December 23, 2006
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