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Another word for an abnormally strong male relationship, that two individuals might have. They don't necessarily have to be gay, but enjoy being in the presence of each other a lot. They go golfing, watch football, go shopping, ring each other etc.
Playa hater: Ay yo Andy, where tha bum boys at?
Andy: Wahhh? chris and tom?
Playa hater: yo
Andy: They bum boys, yo no wots hattnin
by Buttman12 May 19, 2010
A Bum Boy is a homosexual who likes to give or recieve anal
person a): "do you know that guy, he keeps looking over"?

person b): "Nah, he's gotta be a Bum Boy"

person a): "Oh, so you probably do know him"?
by silly sod February 18, 2006
A male who enjoys pleasure up the ass. May refer to him being homosexual or just liking anal. Also could be a boy wanting threshold.
Susie: Ohh I wanna tap Henry, maybe i should seduce him tonight.
Bridget: Not Henry! Hes a bumboy!
Susie: I didn't know he swings that way. What a shame, hes so good looking.
by Amanda.k May 24, 2008
A young male who is often seen limping the morning after
That bum boy took a big one last night
by Edward Lyne September 07, 2005
A male who reguarly takes a males dizzle in the azzle.
Yo that Gavin is a right bumboy .
by G August 18, 2003
a young gay male
That person is a bum boy, he can't stop looking at guys.
by Derek B. April 29, 2003
A male person who derives satisfaction from being anally penetrated.
A pale faced bumboy in the Faubourg St. Honoré attempted to accost Father Theodosius Doolittle, who was walking to Mass arm-in-arm with Cardinal Spodiodi.
by Elder Zion P.Dankwurst January 03, 2007