a young gay male
That person is a bum boy, he can't stop looking at guys.
by Derek B. April 29, 2003
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A Bum Boy is a homosexual who likes to give or recieve anal
person a): "do you know that guy, he keeps looking over"?

person b): "Nah, he's gotta be a Bum Boy"

person a): "Oh, so you probably do know him"?
by silly sod February 18, 2006
A male who enjoys pleasure up the ass. May refer to him being homosexual or just liking anal. Also could be a boy wanting threshold.
Susie: Ohh I wanna tap Henry, maybe i should seduce him tonight.
Bridget: Not Henry! Hes a bumboy!
Susie: I didn't know he swings that way. What a shame, hes so good looking.
by Amanda.k May 24, 2008
A young male who is often seen limping the morning after
That bum boy took a big one last night
by Edward Lyne September 07, 2005
A male who reguarly takes a males dizzle in the azzle.
Yo that Gavin is a right bumboy .
by G August 18, 2003
A male person who derives satisfaction from being anally penetrated.
A pale faced bumboy in the Faubourg St. Honoré attempted to accost Father Theodosius Doolittle, who was walking to Mass arm-in-arm with Cardinal Spodiodi.
by Elder Zion P.Dankwurst January 03, 2007
A man who gets plesure out of having another mans grnitals in his ass. Often they deny this and try to over compensate but saying how much they are in love with girls. They ofen watch gay porn and shave there heads. They will never have had a relationship with a girl and are to scared to come out the closet.
John- "dude u checking that girl out"
Ben- "oh ye.. ye that what i was doing"
John- "oh no you were checking out her boyfriend"
Ben- "no i wasnt"
John- "its ok ben we all except you for being gay"
Ben- "really great"

Sam- "whats up with him"
John- "hes a homosexual bumboy"
Sam- "fair doz"
by -.- the maths crew -.- March 10, 2010

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