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someone who takes pleasure from the sniffing of male bums
fuck off lawson u bum sniff
by gavin lawson May 07, 2003
Sniffing something with one's anus. Place the anus over somebodys face and clench the muscles of the bottom,, the opposite of a fart, thus bumsniffing.
Michael always wanted to bumsniff Merlo, so when the chance came, he bumsniffed him then he had a tashwank to celebrate.
by Pervy P April 28, 2009
Someone who sniffs bums, an insult
look at you, you little bumsniff
by Lloydy February 22, 2005
A more polite word used instead of an expleetive.
"Oh bumsniff, i crashed my spitfire again"
by YaZoR May 08, 2003