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When a person or persons roll a bum from a bench or on a sidewalk etc..
That bum on the bench, lets go bum roll him
by PinkBerry June 30, 2010
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Toilet paper.
Hey, Mark, toss me in some bumroll.
by DJ Gaping Wound July 20, 2003
4 3
A movement in the legs which defines ones bottom. When the legs are spread. pushing one cheek of the bottom backwards defining it's shape.

- Used to mention a desirable bottom

- Used in slang to describe an unattractive bottom or as a jest
1. "Did you check him out? His arse is so huge he bum-rolls while sitting"

2. "That girl has one fineeeee bum-roll"
by priestfeast July 29, 2009
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when you dress up as a bum and every slope that is 5 degrees or more slanted you roll down it in a bum like fashion.
Bums use this "bum roll" because they are too poor for other means of transportation and it is quick, easy travel.
by bobby lobster October 11, 2004
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