The master of the bum lands
Iam the BUM LORD!! I will BUM U!!
by Mr B Lord January 07, 2005
Top Definition
Similar in meaning to Gay Lord.
A lord of all that is bum.
A homosexual man.
You son of a bum lord
by Big Jim December 20, 2003
some one who bums people lots
tom plumer is a bum lord
by sammy b March 01, 2004
a stirer of asses with their own pork
chris anwyl is a bum lord
by Kram December 14, 2004
Derrogatory - Homosexual

Sland for a homosexual who sleeps around.
Jack's a complete Bumlord
by homo-humper October 01, 2004
A contemptible person
He behaved like an utter bumlord at dinner/on holiday
by Mike Bailey September 25, 2003
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