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Professional online poker player who only plays against very weak opponents avoiding games with other regular players at all costs.
He often waits for hours searching for a good game before he finally decides to play. He is such a bum hunter !
by punter11235 February 03, 2009
An Australian Wildlife Guy who hunts Bums, telling on how bad they stink and how they are staying alive in the wild streets.
Did you watch Bum Hunter last night? It was fuggin' hilarious.
by Chris Criswell April 13, 2004
A poker player who only seeks out weak competition to make money off of. Afraid to go against players of equal or better skill.
Frederick is such a bumhunter. He only sits mid-stakes heads-up tables waiting for fish. Or is he waiting for hot dudes? No one knows.
by bumhunter69 June 22, 2012
An online video game player who only plays horrible players to "boost" his overall stats, record and ranking.

Usually they have average skill relative to the overall competition, but rather not have that reflected in their meanlingless stats.

So they play really bad players to advance in the XP based online rankings. THey are incapable of doing well against above avg competition.
In Madden. a bum hunter seeks players with extremely poor records / stats for easy wins.

In the COD series, a team in a competitive ladder that only challenges/accepts challenges from bad teams.
by CoDPro June 23, 2010
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