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When you hug someone from behind. Usually what boys do to girls.
Person One: You look like you could use a bum hug

*Hugs person from behind*
by Abi :) October 23, 2008
When you hug your boo with your hands on their bum!
A nice tight bum-hug is a great day to start the day!
by rudeboi69 March 15, 2008
Special christmas insult. Originally coined by Beavis whilst watching Ebineser Screw. Derogatory term for asshole used exculsivaly by Colin Gallaher cos he is soooo cool he thinks he is beavis.
"Dammit, Your not suposed to have your penis out in the kitchen, bumhug"
by RYan_04- July 07, 2004
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