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Rich brown porridge issuing forth from the slimy sludge gates.
Jesus, that curry gave me bad bum gravy.
by Rees August 19, 2005
wet warm runny shit. sometimes returns even after you wipe (Dieareha)
man those tacos gave me some really bad bum gravy!
by Anonymous May 15, 2003
the morning after a major booze fest you might splatter the pan with bum gravy/ass water/diarrhoea.
my guts were rotten this morning, i had a major case of bum gravy
by steven bakewell August 10, 2006
well this happens a milli-second after a cough, sneeze or a little fart, it is the watery shity stuff that skids your boxers, sometimes you arnt sure if it has happened and have to check, other times you know for sure. bum gravy
oh no i just had bum gravy!
by dougiemc January 20, 2009
sloppy shit; Diarrhoea
i had trouble wiping my bum-gravy
by KnightstarExpress May 21, 2003
runnny glutinous shit
that new mark ronson record is bum gravy bad
by furry baby July 10, 2008
when practicing anal sex, sometime you may notice a thin sludgy brown liquid on your penis. this is known as bum gravy.
i took home this girl the other night, we had normal sex, then decided to try anal. about five minutes later my penis was covered in bum gravy. not a pretty sight!!!
by steven clarey September 04, 2007
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