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A burd called Carrie McMillan. She has a walloper of a chin. Her bum-chin is so big, it frequently gets mistaken for mount everest. She is also a dirty and sucks off any cunt wantin' it. x
Robbie: "Hey carrie, you look pretty today!"

Peter Griffin: "Oh really? how nice of you. Wanna have sex?"

Robbie: "No fucking way! I was joking! Look at that bum chin


Robbie: "I'm fucking bored!"

Carrie: "Lemme suck yah willy and balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by Rajjan Schmitzel April 13, 2011
14 20
A chin that has a cleft in it giving it the characteristics of a bum. Most people will find the bum chin to be very attractive as it has a certain heir to it. Often associated with power and sophistication. The bum chin is a sign of a distinguished gentleman.

People who have bum chins are more likely to be successful and chosen by the opposite sex, for mating.
John Travolta has an incredible bum chin.

Steve must be successful, just look at that bum chin.
by Steve Christensen December 17, 2007
151 61
A chin that look like an arse (in some cases). In others, they can be very sexy and attractive. A nice facial feature (most of the time)
Reow! Look at Matt Bellamy's sexy bum chin!
by Sophy June 09, 2005
49 12
1. Having a chin that resembles an asscrack.
Wow, you have a really ugly bumchin under your mouth!
by Bithicus March 10, 2005
26 7
(n.) A chin shaped like buttocks.
See Drazar
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 09, 2004
54 36
A 'Bum Chin' is a guy or a girl who has a chin shaped like a bottom. They have an abnormal cleft that if you squint closely, looks like a pert behind.
Man..it looked like he was doing a hand-stand!
by Johnny Internashinal April 21, 2004
66 58
Occasional nickname for Ben Affleck.
Wow, look at Ben Affleck's chin!
by Chris February 22, 2005
14 8
arse on ones face, often defined as a second bum.
by mitchelhater#24601 November 19, 2003
13 8