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this is a bump that will form intantly after a bum touches your skin.
if a bum off the street came up to you and had any kind of contact with your skin on any part of your body a BUM BUMP will form.

Another example Kevin Hart the comedian has a fear of bums coming in contact with him because he doesnt want any of his skin touching theirs becasue he will develope a BUM BUMP.
by D-NICE August 01, 2013
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When a hobo off th street gets freaky and touches your lip then a bump forms soon after
Person: Man you got herpes or somthin'?
Other person: nah man it's just a bum bump
by music4mylife January 12, 2014
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When you enjoy the way someone's bum looks from a distance, so you get to know them better. The word is often used flirtatiously or used by a children/teenagers while joking. If a odd male figure uses the word towards a adult woman, it is called a "cat-call or booty call".
DAAAAAAMMMMN, I'd love to bum-bump!!!
by cringemaster123abc April 21, 2017
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