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The hair growing on the cheeks of your ass, around your ring.
My bum beards so long I could dreadlock it

I shaved my balls, gooch and bum beard last night
by Rob_uk April 12, 2006

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1.)The hair on a man which stretches from in between his arse cheeks to the back of his testicles.
2.)A beard grown by a 14 year old which looks awful!
3.)An insult
1.)"Dude it's so hot today. Give me a second to squeeze the sweat from my bumbeard"
2.)"No, i'm NOT going to serve you beer. Just because you have that bumbeard doesnt change the fact that you look 12"
3.)"Screw you, you fucking bumbeard"
by Rory McMoose May 01, 2005