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An old couch or mattress left in an alley or vacant lot. These things attract bums like flies. The cops know that they can usually find bums there arrest them for warrants, vagrancy etc
Todd: Can you help me move my old couch into the alley for the trash truck to pick it up?

Charlie: You don't want to lay out bum bait do you? You'll have some hobo or junkie sleeping on it by the morning.
by Jack Goff May 19, 2007

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In any video game (typically Halo: Reach), offering one of your teammates as bait to the enemy team by standing perfectly still, then proceeding to kill the idiot who tries to kill the bait.
"Stand with your back to the enemy so they'll come over."
"So you can be bum bait!"
by Nik5566 April 22, 2012