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Bulto is a word that is used mostly in the Dominican Republic when a person bullshits you.

A bullshitter, person who will waste your time, someone who tells you something now and makes up a story to avoid you later.
olle loco que paso con la jeva?

no na, me iso bulto la tipa loco.
by Te Mato November 16, 2006
A word that literally means sack, like a sack of potatoes, but in Mexican lingo represents when a person is so excessively drunk, that they lay down on a coach like a sack of potatoes. It has, in recent history, become a synonym for being passed-out, or in the process of being passed out drunk.
After Campos had so many shots and beers in that Austrian beer, he was bulto.
by clemsoncollege September 09, 2011