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What lame ass TV networks use to cover up the word 'Bullshit'
Me: Hey our favorite part is comming up!


Me: .... wtf.. WTF IS BULLSPIT??
by sergz November 17, 2007
correct way to say bull shit
thats bull spit! Dont bull spit me! Are You Spitting me? Are you spitting on my chest!? BULL SPIT!
by bull spit March 24, 2009
Way to declare something non-sense without swearing.
Donald Trump's claims are bullspit!
by Cobble November 01, 2015
A better word than bullshine to use in the workplace and on the radio/t.v. that is safe to say.
Joe-Do you see that bro? This guy made fun of my defintion of bullshine!

Bill-I know dude. That's bullspit. (laughs at Joe's displeasure)
by Jim Richalds. October 31, 2009
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