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(Bolshevik, bull, civic-minded, demagogue), someone who gains political power by appealing to people's emotion's instincts, & prejudices in a way that is considered manipulative & myopic; someone who incessantly reiterates the same petty complaints, until they are taken seriously.
There are citizens with valid complaints & issues, but invariably the meeting will have to deal with some Bullshivic & his personal gripe of "supreme importance".
by Darth Johnny December 18, 2010
A term used by a character in Call of Duty's Nazi Zombie game. It's a good way to intend something bad without getting in trouble.
Teacher: What do you think of getting a pop quiz Timmy?
Timmy: Well Mr. Teacher i think it's bull shivic.
Teacher: Oh Timmy that was a close one. I'll get you next time.
by thatdude224 October 29, 2009
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