A course offered in many schools often known as English. A pseudoscience, it is the study of how to properly create something of little academic value but sounding reasonably intelligent enough to pass as having nutritional content. The course's main objective is to educate students on the proper method of taking mental diahrea and through Alchemy (Thats where the science comes in) turning this shit into gold. For ninety percent of teachers the products of this course are effective enough to do well without doing actual work with the exception of the few that have previously taught the course.
Freshman: Mom! I start IB today ^^
Mom: Wow whats your schedule?
Freshy: Bullshitology 101, Alchemy 202, and Kiss my Ass 305!
by IB Fucking March 16, 2006
the study of bullshitting

the class where one studies bullshit

a joke played on people who study lies.
i'm going to major in bullshitology when i get older

what do you call the study of lies?
by morphittodaman January 21, 2008

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