the crappest basketball team in the world, they think they will make nba but they currently have to pay to play and they still suck more dick then Ja rule himself
mizzle gizzle: dam tornados black flogged us tonight
brynn: sure did we totaly suck
Murphy: we showed eachother that in the changrooms and at training
Gribbs: we swallow too.
by Brynn Francis November 11, 2003
Top Definition
Legendary Ball Team that are gonna be on top after tonite
tornadoes black are shit!, good that bulls gold are gonna win tonite
by jimmy November 11, 2003
a basketball team wanting to be bball superstars but are nothin but wankstars
Gribbs:michael u sure are a bball wankstar
Michael:thanks, u r to
by B-Mount November 11, 2003
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