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Bullhead City Arizona is about 2 hours from Las Vegas NV, 15 mins from Laughlin NV and about 40 mins from Needles CA. Its full of fake bitches and whores. Stds run like the Colorado River that this shit hole sits off of and the main breading ground for them is Mojave High school. It holds the highest std rate in the state. Anyone born after 94 is pretty much going no where with their arrogance. They are a bunch of whores and liers and theifs brought up in a meth rattled city. There isn't anything good here so don't recommended coming. And if you did and you had anything good you wont for long. Nothing good comes of Bullshit City. Just thotties and dirtballs.
Don't go to Bullhead City , AZ, you'll come back poor and meth addled if you dont be careful.
by aanaya2613 June 14, 2014
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