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a certain variety of young white person who hangs out at bars often named "Bulldog" or "Bulldog's" or some similar variation. A Bulldog douche invariably presents a bland façade and a distinct lack of curiosity about anyone even slightly dissimilar to him-or-herself. The Bulldog douche is for the most part humorless, except when participating in the jocular restating of inside jokes. For Bulldog douches, people of another age, race, or socio-economic class are invisible, except when they are participating in social justice projects, which they do with much passion and self-righteousness. The Bulldog douche has a very bright future, and the glare coming off it can obscure almost anything a Bulldog douche does not, or cannot, see.
There's no way in hell I am going out with you to The Bulldog and hanging out with all those Bulldog douches!
by vedaslade March 24, 2010
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