A combination of "Bullshit" and "retard".
Person 1: Hey, did you know that plastic is made from dogs!!!
Person 2: Who told you?
Person 1: Our Teacher.
Person 2: Bulltard!!!
by Evil Chicken September 18, 2010
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Top Definition
The opposite of a docile tard, a bull tard is person who is both retarded* and extremely aggressive. Often possesses "tard strength." This person would rather fight you than talk it out; would rather use violence than intellect; would rather use brute force than finesse.

*Does not necessarily have to be actually retarded...simple dumbasses can also be tards, and by extension, bull tards.
Friend: Dude, your little brother just threw his bowling ball halfway down the lane and put a dent in our lanes!

Me: Yeah, sorry...he's a bull tard. He breaks things.
by Luminous Being December 12, 2009
An idiot who thinks that stock markets always rise.
The bulltards who bought Google's stock at $500, since it was such a great price after falling from $650, have hopefully learned something now that it's below $400.
by dearjohn September 30, 2008

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