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Penis, Cock, Johnson, Weiner, Junk, love pole, etc.
I'm gonna give her the ol' bull horn!
by Klitman April 02, 2006
A man who smoothly rhymes everything he says.
Bull Horn: "So you the corn-fed fool with a alot of muscle mass, but now it's time for Bull Horn to get up in that ass!!"
by Gold_Shorts June 20, 2010
Verb (to Bullhorn/Bullhorning) is the act of removing your significant others' nasal piercing during climax.
Lily: "Friend, I got my septum pierced!"

Friend: "Why?"

Lily: "Because Jay T wants to bullhorn me tonight!"

Friend: "That's some nasty shit."
by NLBA November 06, 2013
Basically another word for bullshit. Can also be an amusing nickname for someone with long ratty hair.
Some Dude: "Hey i just ate a whole elephant tusk!"
Some Other Dude: "Thats a load of bullhorn."
by Fuck: Your name is shit. September 02, 2008