The best thing in the universe next to cocaine. Pumping thick pearly ropes of goo all over a chick's face, neck, breasts, whatever you feel like. Then if she's really freaky she'll taste it or rub it in like lotion.
I never would've guessed she was a bukakke fiend until I saw her smile in approval while she rubbed my Peter North quality load into her breasts.
by Beavis72 June 12, 2006
1. An evil act of desecration and contempt for the woman involved and, by extension, all women.

2. Just like rape, it is an act which is primarily motivated by hostility towards women and the need to control women and it becomes a way to compensate for the viewer or the perpetrator's underlying feelings of inadequacy and feeds his issues of mastery, control, strength, authority and capability (e.g., David Lisak & Susan Roth 1998).

3. Men who enjoy watching or performing "bukakke" are diagnosed with paraphilia ("sexual deviancy" in scientific terms) according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders by the American Psychiatric Association as paraphilia is the "recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors generally involving... the suffering or humiliation of one's partner" (DSM-IV, 2000).
I certainly wouldn’t want to be judgemental about the lifestyle or recreational activities of the men who have posted on this subject thus far, but as a clinical psychologist I can only advise them to seek psychiatric help as soon as possible because paraphilia is more than a personality quirk.

Moreover, there are some people from the FCC and the FBI have an invested interest in paraphilics as one form of sexual deviancy tends to lead to another and several studies confirm that men who enjoy watching "bukakke" have an elevated risk of engaging in sexually coercive behavior.
by Seasoned Warrior 01 April 29, 2011
The process of ejaculating semen onto the face of another.
That random girl that I hooked up last night was a nasty freak. I was about to cum and she wanted it on her face so I gave her the bukakke.
by BarryMcCockinya January 25, 2008
that's when a shitload of guys cum on a woman's body (usually the facial area)
man, you gatta watch this bukakke dvd i just bought: it rocks!
by little drop December 29, 2003
See: Sleepover at Madonna's
Alan Jackson likes bukkake, especially when he's the one in the middle
by matt black October 01, 2004
asian practice of many men coming on a girl
i have a new bukakke porn video
by Buk Akka Tehcock April 12, 2003
Multiple-ejaculaction party, also known as a "Smith"
Man, that pink chick sure loves to Smith.
by tico June 08, 2004

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