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A word used to describe someone being doused with semen on their face.
It is also a word that porn addicted guys will use to jokingly bring up the act to their imaginary online girlfriends.
Guy= Lol, want to Bukakke?
Girl= Bukakke? What's that?
Guy= It's when a guy...
Girl= You really should stop watching so much porn, it's kind of sad.
by Afghaneria March 20, 2009
79 106
1. the act of a group of men (usually more than 8) completely covering a female's face with their special man syrup. 2. A practical joke played on some naive asian.
1. "Hey Jen, Mike's having a Bukakke party tonight, you in?"

2. "Anh, why don't you order your food with Bukakke sauce..."
by LDA1 January 30, 2006
158 186
The traditional version may have been only for naughty women in Japan, but these days in the gay male world men are quite eligible as well.
Max was being such a slut last night. Finally we decided enough was enough, we tied him up and invited everyone to Bukakke all over his face. Now he won't stop talking about it!
by mercurius January 28, 2008
67 97
A powder day on a mountain where one is skiing or snowboarding. A day where one would get more face shots than Japanese porn.
Erik and I had a bukakke day on the mountain today.
by Raleighpop April 14, 2010
13 57
When an asian man and an asian woman who love each other very, very much, get married. then one day, the asian man throws a party with all his friends with punch and party games. At the end of the party, they all take turns jizzing on his wife's face. It's all good clean fun.
I heard that after the honeymoon that Sunmi pressured Jet into throwing a bukakke party.
by Dext March 22, 2008
82 126
A meeting of gentlemen.
Tom and Steve went to Chris' bukakke last night and found a new tennis instructor.
by Anderson Cooper March 07, 2008
34 81
The best thing in the universe next to cocaine. Pumping thick pearly ropes of goo all over a chick's face, neck, breasts, whatever you feel like. Then if she's really freaky she'll taste it or rub it in like lotion.
I never would've guessed she was a bukakke fiend until I saw her smile in approval while she rubbed my Peter North quality load into her breasts.
by Beavis72 June 12, 2006
95 146