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An asian sound describing pain, pleasure, denial, or happiness.
1.) -Stubs toe- "Buk-Lau!"
2.) -Seeing hot person- "Buk-Lau!"
3.) -Less than A on report card, sobbing.- "Buk-Lau!"
4.) -Eating bowl of Rice.- "Buk-Lau!"
by AsianNoises August 09, 2010
Buk-Lau made Owangepranks famous for his "Angry Asian Prank Call". Buk-Lau is a asian man voice.

Watch it on YouTube
Owange: Du Hell0 (Buk-Lau)
by A380101 October 05, 2011
A spirits name once found in the region of B.C. around Abbotsford and Chilliwack. It was once said his real name is "Kolton" spelt specifcally with a K to easily determine who he was. Buklau translated from an ancient language means killer.
Buklau is a very true legend.
by G.I. Joe Lover 73 July 30, 2010