useless word hawaiian boys use online
by ownage April 03, 2003
Top Definition
Polish word meaning King, or other person of great power
The Buk can do anything he wants.
by Stephan123 April 16, 2006
BUKS is an acronym that stands for "Big Ugly Kid Syndrome." "BUKS" is a condition that many teenage boys have. They are seemingly uncool, ugly, large, and just all around stupid. Yet, these guys seem to become cool, for no apparent reason except for the fact that they are big and ugly. Therefore, these men have "BUKS." Many football players have BUKS.
The once nerdy and uncool kid all of sudden becomes cool because he has BUKS. He is large and unattractive yet is the coolest kid in the school.
by Alexa April 19, 2004
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